"Stray Dogs in Turkey"

"Yes, I can help save a life today"

Dear Friend:

I'll bet you and I are a lot alike.

Wanting to help someone or something, but just haven't got the time.

Well, there's good news – you can. Let me explain how.

Just a little while ago, I was exactly the same. But then came that time when I realized – that I could make a difference and it wouldn't take a lot of my time, I met Suzan Demir.

NO, she does not sell anything and No she does not want people to buy anything, she is in the business of saving animals.

Suzan visited Turkey 19 years ago, and has lived there for 18 years; during that time she was appalled at the treatment of street dogs and cats and set about changing the life of stray animals.

What Suzan would like you to do is visit her web site http://www.straydogsinturkey.com

Just browse around at your leisure, and read about "Stray Dogs in Turkey" and how you can give your help.

To your life and health,

Jean Mayas

P.S. I almost forgot! A reason for you to visit the site, is they have a blog that is kept up to date about animals in general, health and amusing pictures and stories.

P.P.S. No you do not have to take part in anything, buy anything or do anything, just have a read and come to your own conclusions on how you can help.

P.P.P.S. In fact, help save a life, and feel good about doing it. If you found your visit interesting, could you forward this email onto someone else. This is not to be used as a chain letter, just people you think may be interested.

Come along and join in NOW! http://www.straydogsinturkey.com

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