We have replaced our news and other pages with a blog. If you click on the bone to right it will take you to it. Using a blog means the site can be updated easily and people can leave comments.

We are named straydogsinturkey.com but in fact care for and rescue a large number of cats as well.

Our main catchement area is Koycegiz, Gokova, Akyaka, Dalyan and Dalaman. Click on any link to go to our blog.

We provide kenneling for street dogs.

We need to neuter all our animals.

We pay for veterinary bills.

We pay for feeding our animals

As you can probably imagine, running a rescue centre for stray animals is very expensive and as we are short of funds here in Turkey we ask people to donate either money or items that can help us. We can not register a charity here because there isn't such a thing so the costs are met by me from my personal funds.

Donations directly into our PayPal account is a very fast way of making sure you donation gets to where it is needed fast. Just donate to saveapet@live.com and we will forward you a receipt

We are always looking for people who will possibly undertake fundraising events or pass the word on to others about this site.

We constantly look out for donations of medicines or blankets to help us in this constant battle to keep our animals warm and healthy.

Betty - A beautiful Boxer - Read

Scruffy - but he isn't really - Read

Rufus - Adding soon

Simon -Adding soon

Get involved with us, send an email out to your family and friends, write about us on blogs and message boards. We have prepared a letter you can link to, or copy and paste into an email. <<<<< Letter Here>>>>> A simple email to spread the word can go a long way! .

Holidaymakers, visitors or people from the local villages will often dump an unwanted pet around the main streets or eating areas and leave others to worry about them.

We have succesfully run a program whereby visitors to Turkey have sponsored a dogs care with us, they pay for the upkeep knowing they are making the pet happy without the problems they would have if they tried taking them back to UK..