Keep the Home Fires Burning!!

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Keep the Home Fires Burning!!



Hi, sorry for the delay in posting the pictures of the fund raising night,  I have been so busy looking for wood to burn on the wood-burning stove, then getting it home, and chopped-up.  Winter is really hard, the dogs hate going out in the cold and rain, this Winter has been really unusually cold, the mountains around have a couple of meters , of snow on their    summits.

I try to keep a stove burning most of the time in the really big room I have where some of the dogs sleep always, now I have moved almost everyone in there so they can lay around the stove.  I know I'm crazy, but I know I hate to be cold and I know they feel the same.
Except for Simon, the Cooker Spaniel, he loves to swim, and even freezing temperatures don't deter him.  This last week has seen him in the water at least 5. times.  He had a long shaggy coat for the winter, but it was not even drying out, and he would sit there shivering, so one afternoon I set about
giving him a "haircut"!!       Usually I have terrible problems with him, he hates the scissors, and I have to put a muzzle on him. 
This time was different, he actually wanted to be clipped.   As i made a start on his face he kept holding up his paws,  he was determined that his feet were done!  He had horrible wedges of fur caked with mud between his toes, he was so happy to be rid of them.
The whole process took hours, but at the end he was looking lovely, if a bit like a shorn sheep!
He is now able to swim and dry off quickly afterwards.  But he is still just as crazy!!
Today, Sunday is a bit milder thank goodness,  but it is absolutely pouring with rain.  Like stair-rods!
The dogs took one look outside and immediately headed back to the blankets by the fire. 
It has not even got properly light yet, a great greyish blanket of cloud is hanging over the mountains, it looks like there will be a lot more snow.
But thankfully not here in the village,  we have only once had snow since I have been here, (19. years.) and that was 2, years ago, and only a few flurries, pretty to see, and a change after all the wonderful sunny days we usually have, but this Winter has been really horrible, and we (the animals and me!) are really ready for the Spring sunshine.     

Sponsor Duc Please

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Sponsor Duc Please




This is   "DUC".
Duc is a lovely big cuddly "teddy-bear" !!
He was spotted by a lady, when she was walking her dog, and she began to bring him food twice a day, he was only a scrap of a pup.
He took up residence at the first cafe by the harbour, living under the big wooden seats, where the tourists lay in the shade in the Summer.
The cafe owner, is animal friendly, so long as they do not chase his be-loved chickens!!
So there  Duc lived until a tourist took pity on him and paid for him to get his distemper vaccine.
2. weeks later he was due to have the second one, the lady who had been given the money to pay for the vaccine by the tourist, and who was still bringing him food asked me to take him to the vet to get it done.
After he had been inoculated I returned him to the cafe, he scuttled under the seats and waited for his dinner to arrive,
The next morning he was missing!
No trace of him around.
The first time in weeks he was not waiting when  NIlufer brought him any food.
She searched everywhere, it was still very early, before 7.a.m.    Then she heard a pitiful whimpering, she could not make out where it was coming from.
She finally followed the cries to a manhole cover, in the pathway between the cafes.  It is to allow the water from the mountains to flow to the lake.
She could not believe the cries were really coming from there.  But there was no mistake.  Duc was under the manhole cover.
Nilufer tried desperately to lift it, but it was too heavy for her, she went to find help. 2. men came to help her, they also could not budge it.
ain the end it took 3. men to lift it off.
There was Duc, shivering and cowering in the dark wet tunnel.
Who put him there we can never be certain of, it was impossible for him to get in there by himself.
It could have been done out of jealousy,   "Duc's cafe" is very popular, and a lot of people were coming to "visit" Duc,  maybe someone was jealous, it happens a lot here, people use animals as a "pull" to get customers, but Duc had chosen the place himself, and was never exploited.
Of course Duc could not be left there.  Who knows what would have happened to him next.
Of course he came home with me!!
That was about 3. years ago now, Duc has grown, and grown, and grown!!
He is such a great big softy!!
But this is the problem, he is big, and he eats a lot, I need help to feed him enough.   It is a constant worry, to make sure all of the animals get enough to eat.
If you can help  "DUC" please send me an e-mail and I will send you news of him twice yearly, with some pictures.  Please "click" on the Paypal button to make a donation.

Sponsor Toofy Please

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Sponsor Toofy Please



This is " Toofy ".

Toofy is my old darling.   He is just a wonderful dog, he is old now, and his joints are seizing up in the cold weather, and he needs some "home-comforts".
Toofy's story is a very sad one, but with a happy ending, he was a pup "on the streets" when he was hit by a car and suffered horrific injuries.
His face was smashed, he lost almost all his teeth, he just has two each side on the top and the bottom jaws, but it is enough for him still to really
enjoy a good chew on a bone.  He also had many cuts, but thanks to a very kind German man, Willi, who took him to a Marmaris vet, where his jaw was wired-up, he recovered. Willi paid all his vetinary bills, and brought him back to the village, and fed him every day, but he was still on the streets.
This was his life for several years, wondering around a little to see whats what, and then back to enjoy his dinner, and a few kind words from Willi.
At about this time I "met" Toofy, it was love at first sight for me,  he trotted up to me, and really he has never left!   Except when he was forcibly  removed when there was one of the villages purges on the local wildlife population.
I still feel guilty about not taking Toofy in when I first met him,  but at that time I was really trying to keep the numbers of "houseguests" down.
One day Toofy, and a lot of the other street dogs were simply "missing".
Overnight they had disappeared, I was enraged,  so sad and guilty for not saving him and all the others, when I could.
Days went by,  the promenade where Toofy and all the others used to sun themselves, was empty, all my time I spent searching for the missing dogs, but I knew it was useless, I was so sad.
Then about 5, days after they had gone,  I looked up and there was Toofy, and a small puppy limping towards me.
I threw my arms around him and burst into tears of joy.
I took him home on the spot, and he is still with me.
The puppy too, but I did find a good home for her.
Where they had been taken, what had been done to them I will never know.
Toofy did come back, but he has never been quite the same.
the ones that did manage to find their way back, about 5. others, were all in a very bad condition.  It was the height of Summer at the time, and dehydration is a very real problem.  If they had been deprived of water for several days they are very lucky to have survived at all.
So, Toofy needs some extra treats, he has to have a special "menu", only very soft food he dosn't  have to chew, and I think he gets bored with it.
I would like to be able to give him a few extras, but my budget  does not allow that.
He also would greatly benefit from a nice soft, warm bed, with cushions to ease his old joints, (believe me, I know how he feels.)  So if you can provide these treats for  "TOOFY"  please e-mail me and you will receive up-dates twice yearly, with some pictures of him.
Just  "click" on the Paypal button to send your donation.
Toofy will be so grateful, you will make the last years of his life that much happier. Thank-you.


Sponsor Ruffle Please

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Sponsor Ruffle Please



This is    RUFFLE.
She was found by the lake, one of the local fishermen had spotted her on a very tiny "island", really little more than a rock.
He went over to get a closer look and saw she was just a pup,  she was in very poor shape.
He brought her back to the village, and gave her food, but could not take her as she was very obviously suffering from mange,  she was almost bald!!
When I first saw her it was impossible to tell really what colour her coat was as there was so little of it.
Even though it was a risk, I took her home, what could I do?
She was such a poor little scrap of a dog, She was so grateful, she would not stop licking my hands, as if to say  "I know you will help me,"
I gave her food, vitamins and mange medicine.   15. days later she had another vaccine injection of it, and we waited.
Within a month she looked a different dog, her hair was growing, she was almost a normal weight and she had this whitish ruffle around her neck,  hence her name.
But she still is prone to outbreaks of mange, so I keep a careful eye on her,  and she is always a little underweight, of course if she had a very special diet very rich in all the things that would boost her weight, she would probably get plump.
Unfortunately I cant afford to give her that, I do my best and she is here with me living a happy life with all the others, but there is no doubt she would benefit greatly from a   " special " friend,  one that would provide all the little extra's that would make her life so comfortable.
So,  if you would like to offer help to  " RUFFLE "  please e-mail me, and you will receive  up-dates with pictures, and a report of her progress twice  yearly.  Just  "click" the PAYPAL button to make your donation.
Your love and your donation will change her life.

Sponsor Caramel Please

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Sponsor Caramel Please

This is    "CARAMEL

Caramel is a really lovely girl with the softest nature you could ever find,  she is sooooo laid-back she does nothing but doze in the sun.
But her life has not always been so easy,  she was   "on the  street's",   for quite a while before I found her.
she was being chased by a bunch of male dogs and she was absolutely terrified, she was trying to get under a wire-fence, and had got caught when I managed to get hold of her.  And shoo off all the dogs chasing her.
She had some cuts from the wire,  and some of these were infected, I think under the wire was her usual escape rout.   Some of the cuts were infected, and she was very undernourished,  but still so trusting and friendly, the Turkish dogs are really the friendliest you will ever come across.
Since coming "home" to me, she has had a course of antibiotics and vitamins, and she has been spayed, so no unwanted pregnancies, she was also given a worming treatment and a rabies shot.
But she still needs a boost every now and then, to keep her weight up and keep her coat in good condition.
If you would like to offer your help to  " CARAMEL",  please e-mail me and I will send you twice yearly up-dates of her progress, with some photos,
just  "click" on the PAYPAL to make a donation.

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