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Mummy-Dog In need of support

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Mummy-Dog In need of support
This is  "mummy-dog"!!    There did not seem to be a better name for her when I found her.
She was living at the local bus station, which is on the outskirts of the village, near the main road.  It also houses the fire station, and the men there were feeding her scraps, but she had  12. pups!!
Somehow she was just about managing to survive, but she  was painfully thin and compleatly worn out.
When I first saw her she was managing to keep control of her pups, but as they got a little bigger and adventourous, she had real problems, it was such a dangerous place, but then it rained, a bit like now!  Days of it, and there was a big container of tar, used for mending road holes, and with the rain it had overflowed.
The pups found it, walked in it, rolled in it, were covered in it!!
So the time had come when I could not ignor their plight any longer, even though it ment increasing my "family" by 13. I had to bring them home.
Easier said than done.
At the time I did not know the ever helpful Norman, so there was no help with a lift in a car.
I had to "ferry" the pups in a couple of backpacks, and walk them back.
I could only manage 4. pups each time, so it was 3. journeys on one evening, too hot in the daytime, I was exousted, "Mummy-dog" too.
She came back and forth with me each time to make sure all the pups were brought.
She has always been a wonderful mother.
Now, about 4. years later she is still with me, the pups were so pretty they actually found homes, but "mum" stayed.
She has the sweetest temper, never a bad look even, but over the last year she has developed epilepsy, she does not have many fits, one every few months, but they frighten her badly when she gets them, she responds to me at once, and quietens down, I get her to a bed to lay quietly, and slowly she recovers.   She does not froth at the mouth, or do anything except jerk her legs, but she is very distressed at the time.
All the dogs with her bark to get me to come, I don't even have to tell them to be quiet as soon as I come, they stop barking. Yet another sign that they care for each other, they want to get help for her.
She soon recovers and never seems the worse for the fit, but it means she will be always with me as she only relaxes at the sound of my voice.
If you would like to provide a few extra special treats for "mummy-dog" please donate through paypal, sending me an e-mail to say what you would like to give her.   She would love a new big bed she could stresch out in I think, or a nice soft blanket.
She really deserves some T.L.C.

Can you help 'Blue'

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Can you help 'Blue'


This is "BLUE".     She is a very special dog, as she "starred" on the front of a leaflet some of you may have seen.
"Blue" is amazing, how she has survived I really don't know.
I found her when I was in one of the local "Vets", I looked across the road and saw a dog staggering into the waste ground opposite.
I asked the vet if she knew the dog,  "oh yes, I see her go in there often" she said.  I asked if she gave the dog food or any other kind of help,
"no, she is homeless, only a street-dog."   Was she heartless answer.   A very usual one here, even from vets.
I raced over the road in case I lost sight of the dog, but it was in too bad a way to get far.   Of course it was coming home with me, I was outraged at the  vets comments.
I began to coax the dog out of the garden, and onto the road, but although she was friendly she was in such a poor way she could not walk more than a few steps without stopping for a rest,  so slowly we made our way along, it was a market day, very busy, and poor Blue was afraid, she had no idea where I was taking her, but she was so desperate she followed as best she could anyway.
We made it to the bottom of my road, and painfully slowly we went along, there are several cafes there, and outside one some English people were having a snack, one woman was horrified at the state of poor Blue,  she gave Blue some of her food, and that seemed to give her the strength to carry on.
At last we made it home, even in her emanciated condition she was too big for me to carry, but she was too afraid to come into the garden, so I had to carry her in.
I laid her under a tree, in the shade, gave her water and went to see what I could give her to eat.
Her first meal with me was  scrambled eggs, and "love dog" dog biscuites.    She was ravenous, but was so starved she could only manage to eat a little.
Even now, 3. years later, she is still thin, she never seems to put on weight, no matter what she eats.
This year for the first time she had a season, at last her system is recovering.
She is a friendly shy sort of dog, she keeps to herself, but has a few "friends", for some reason any pups always adore her.
She now defends her territory, her bed and her bones, and she makes sure she is first in line at feeding time, but her pitiful life  "on the streets"  must haunt her.
She wound love a new bed and blankets, and some food treats, if you would like to help her please "click" the paypal donate button, and e-mail me saying what you would like her to have.

Introducing 'Chico'

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Introducing 'Chico'



Here is darling Cico, he is a "rescue" believe it or not!
Who could give him up?
His previous owners were a Turkish couple from Mugla, the man had to travel a lot in his job, and his wife was at university all day, so poor Cico was always alone. He was not happy, and he was so lonely he would not eat, and just sat in a corner and cried!!
Somehow they found me.  A vet in Marmaris had told them there was someone  who adored Dacshunds, and would give Chico a good home.
At first I thought they wanted to mate Chico with one of my bitches, then I thought they wanted to sell him. By that time Cico was sitting on my lap with his paws over my arm, and I loved him, but had no money to buy him.
Then I understood they just wanted a good home for him, where he would be loved and not lonely any more.
I really could not believe it, such a beautiful dog, they could have sold him for a lot of money, but they really wanted him to be happy and loved.
So, about two and a half years later he has fathered 3. very beautiful sisters, who are the image of him, he has slightly oriental looking eyes, and as I sit looking at the "girls" they all have the same eyes and colouring.   I am so thankful he came to me.

Can Someone Help Lucy

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Can Someone Help Lucy
Can Someone Help Lucy


This is  Lucy.   She is a street-dog,  but about a year ago Lucy had a very big growth hanging from her leg. A good friend, Evlyn, managed to catch Lucy and I got her in the car of some very kind people,  Moira and Alex, (who have helped me many times with transporting animals to and from the vets, sometimes as far afield as Fethiye) and we got her to the vet in Ortaca,  Abdil, a very good and kind vet who really tries to do the best he can for any animal in very primitive conditions.
Abdil and his wife Umran, (also a vet) operated on Lucy, it took a lot of time as there wasn't enough skin to close the wound, but at last we could take Lucy back.   Abdil did a wonderful job, he was not sure how successful the operation would be as closing the wound was impossible, but he gave me antibiotics, and I had creams and special powder, and after a few weeks of changing the bandages every day, Lucy made a complete recovery.
Lucy  has been living free, but she has a "friend" who gives food to her, but now there is a new lump on her leg, she DESPERATELY needs another operation NOW.
Please is there someone who can pay for Lucy to have the life saving operation?
Please if you can help Lucy, send a donation to paypal, and E-mail me saying the donation is for Lucy.     Thank you.




The Clear Up

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The Clear Up



Hi, another day and another chance to try to get to grips with the "jungle" that is the garden!
I have an old man in to help me (when I can afford it!) as a lot of jobs are impossible to do alone. Its very difficult to find someone who will   "brave" the dogs  en masse,  and come into thier lair""
Nadir, is very practical and just ignors them, apart from a couple of yappy Dachshunds, no-one says a word.
Basically they are a load of  "bullies"!!    If they sence fear, they try to terrorise the person confronting them.
Indifference they dont know how to handle, so just ignor!!
 So, we managed to get quite a lot done, but its a big job as I have not had any help for years and the garden is sadly in need of a lot of care.
Of course the dogs don't help.  Its impossible to have a beautiful garden with a dog, let alone over 70.!!

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