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Well it's just gone midnight, the beginning of the first week of the new year.  Monday, January 4th.
I know if I don't do this now it will not get written!
Today there was a big (for our area,) demonstration against an electrical plant being built in an unspoilt natural mountain area.
Many people went from the surrounding villages, including Evelyn, who has been an environmental activist all her life.
She was surprised how many people were there,  a group of local people from where the project is planned have set up a special vigil.   They have formed   a band of people to stop any workers getting through to cut down more trees.   They stand guard  24. hours a day.
Evelyn was particularly  struck by their poverty.  She mentioned that the children were wearing plastic shoes, without even socks!
While this might be because they are always playing in the mud, it must be freezing for them.
I hate the term "do-gooder", and I sincerely hope no-one is going to attach that term to me,     but I want to make a suggestion,  when we have our get-together  for  the dogs,   I would like every-one to have a hunt through their cupboards  and donate any clothing, specially children's, to these people.
They are standing up to a powerful organisation, and they are loosing their time too, so they are going to be even poorer.  Please can we do this very simple thing to help them a little?
If anyone has any other ideas to help them please get in touch,   this is still going to be about the dogs, (and cats,) but I am sure we can do a bit of good for such  a worthwhile project.

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